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What 90 Days of Strategic Content Marketing Looks Like

Our longtime client NomNomNow, a fresh-food-for-your-pet delivery service, tasked us with creating smart, strategic content marketing in the beginning of 2018. We got to work right away.

Each month we started with a highly searched topic related to pet nutrition (e.g. "how much to feed a puppy" or "pet food allergies"), did in-depth keyword research on the chosen topic, and from that, created a piece of long-form content that served two goals. First, the content had to be educational and useful to both customers and internet users looking for information on that topic. Second, it had to be very good at building new traffic to through organic search.

In just 90 days, we were able to rank the domain for 11 times the keywords, double the organic sessions, and triple the organic new users.

What was equally important is that we didn't sacrifice brand to do it. By working closely with the company's Chief Nutrition Officer, Dr. Justin Shmalberg, we were able to produce content that's truly accurate, up to date, and helpful to pet owners everywhere—thereby positioning NomNomNow as an expert and leading brand in pet nutrition.


The Definitive Guide to How Much You Should Feed Your Puppy

We kicked things off with a 6,000-word piece that dispelled all the usual internet myths about the proper amount of food to feed a puppy. This comprehensive guide is scientifically accurate, and it rose to first-page ranking on Google for "Puppy Feeding Guide" in a matter of weeks. We also designed an accompanying interactive calculator that takes the guesswork out of how much to feed your puppy (based on factors like activity level and target adult weight), and put together smart, shareable graphics to help readers understand when and how to start feeding their puppy solid foods. 


Dog Food Allergies

Up next we built a comprehensive guide all about dog food allergies and intolerances. With a diagnostic flowchart titled "My dog is itchy! What's the likely culprit?" plus 4,000 words of science from Dr. Shmalberg, this piece quickly became a popular reference for many other pet-focused sites (and gained some significant backlinks to boot).

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 4.53.15 PM.png


Weight Loss for Obese Dogs

This time around, we bravely tackled a common problem many pet owners avoid talking about ... the fact that their dog might be fat. Obese, even. We paired 3,000+ words with sharable graphics about what to do about an overweight dog, and even updated some industry-standard graphics that vets use to determine obesity (but that haven't been expanded on or redesigned in 20+ years).

As always, we also did calculated outreach to capture the attention of specific editors and bloggers—and get valuable links back to our content. In most cases, we pitched and produced secondary articles for placement on other sites that included a link back to this guide on NomNomNow. Our link-building efforts led to numerous organic links back to this piece from authoritative sites. Within weeks, it was featured on Apartment Therapy and Digital Trends, giving our client's domain ranking a powerful boost.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 4.56.50 PM.png

The main takeaway here? Strategic, growth-focused content and brand marketing content are not mutually exclusive. With a top-notch editorial and design team and meaningful, strategic SEO-focused research, we can achieve growth through content marketing your brand will be proud of.

Elaine Chernov